December 20, 2022 Community Meeting Minues
NRCA Community Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, December 20, 2022
7:30 PM, Zoom

1. President’s Welcome

2. Treasurer’s Report
a. Two members of the board will take over renewal billing.
b. NRCA members will be able to pay via Zelle, through check, or potentially through PayPal.

3. General Development Updates
a. Macy’s will be redeveloped for housing
b. Rhodeside Grill and Il Radicchio will also be closed for a housing project.
c. The corner store at N. Oak and Key Boulevard will be closing on Christmas Eve day.

4. Crestmont Development Project Update
a. The development is located at 1817 N Quinn Street
b. This project is currently on hold pending conversation at the County level.
c. It will entail the demolition of the existing apartments and construction of the new 12-story building with 225 units and 318 parking spaces

5. Arlington Named Global Action Leader
a. This week Arlington was named one of the Global Action Leaders in the United States.

6. The North Rosslyn Trifecta
a. There are 3 developments currently being undertaken: the Key (former Holiday Inn), the AMES Project (with the gas station and church), and the RCA building.
b. The AMES project will put up fences and prepare for demolition beginning in January 2023. The church and gas station will not be included in the initial demolition. The project is still seeking funding for the building stage.
c. The RCA building is currently fenced and is being stripped. Deconstruction will begin in early 2023.
d. None of these buildings will be imploded because of the subway.
e. Between all three projects there will be approx. 1,681 rental units. This is approximate because some of the units in the AMES project will be for hotel use.
f. NRCA has been working with the Rosslyn BID and the developers to make sure there is the utmost coordination between these three projects regarding traffic in the area.

7. I-66 Bridge Renovation
a. The Theodor Roosevelt bridge has been undergoing renovation and two lanes have been closed. There has been traffic backed up on North Lynn Street, I-66 and Key Bridge as a result. NRCA is in conversation with the transportation officials to ensure that when the other development projects begin, traffic flow will continue.

8. The Missing Middle Housing
a. Missing Middle Housing has been an ongoing conversation in Arlington County recently.
b. “Missing Middle” is a term used for a form of housing: a 4- or 6-plex townhouses or garden apartments. It is workforce housing.
c. The proposal to allow by-right development of “Missing Middle” housing in single-family-home neighborhoods.
d. The County board is expected to take action on the proposal early in the first quarter of 2023.
e. A report was recently issued by the Terner Center that memorializes what is happening across the United States regarding the challenges facing developers of this form of housing.
f. NRCA wants to educate our members on this issue.
g. The Committee of 100 will be having a program on this topic in March, which NRCA will share information about.

9. Spout Run Deep Sanitary Sewer Relining
a. This project will start in spring 2023 and supposedly be done by the fall.
b. It will reline 3,400 linear feet of sewer pipes from North Nash Street to the Courthouse cul-de-sac.
c. In some places they will have to run lines above ground: North Uhle Street, along the Custis Trail, and along one lane of Langston Boulevard.
d. They will be drilling down on North Nash and the Georgetown Vista parking lot.

10. Crane Work Schedule, 1700 N. Moore Street
a. There is a large crane project forthcoming at 1700 N. Moore Street.
b. Currently the date is set for Friday, January 13 and 27. Starting at 7:00pm on those days, streets will be blocked to put up the crane and do work on the roof.
c. These dates are subject to change.

11. Role of the BID with Area Construction Projects
a. Rosslyn BID will help coordinate between the former Holiday Inn project (The Key), RCA building demolition and AMES development.

12. Former Holiday Inn (Dittmar Company), “The Key”
a. The project was approved on 9/24/2019 and entails two towers (26 and 36 stories).
b. There will be 331 (or 350) hotel units as part of a 4-star, full-service Hilton hotel.
c. There will be 517 (up to 525) apartments. The apartments will open before the hotel opens.
d. There will be 13,465 SF of retail as well as 28,000 SF of meeting and event space.
e. Dittmar builds their buildings to condo standards should they want to convert the apartments to condos at a later point.

13. RCA
a. This site is shifting from commercial office to residential use.
b. The development will be 27 stories with 424 apartment units and 11,548 SF of retail space.
c. There will be 280 parking spaces.

14. AMES Center
a. This site is also shifting from commercial office to residential use.
b. There will be two buildings of 30 stories and 31 stories each.
c. The site will have a total 732 apartment units.
d. It will include 10,146 SF in retail, 8,291 SF of commercial use and 566 parking spaces.
e. The project received County approval to use some of the building as temporary hotel for 5 years.
f. The current church (16,633 SF) will be redesigned.
g. The current gas station (7,855 SF) will return.
h. The owner has the funding to bring the existing building down but does not have necessary construction financing at this time.
i. NRCA discussed traffic mitigation plans with the AMES developers.
j. The overhead bridges are not coming down for the time-being.

15. Former Marriott Key Bridge
a. This project was approved on 3/24/20.
b. It is reported that the developer is facing some financial challenges that have the development plans on hold for now.
c. NRCA worked with Rosslyn BID to ensure the grounds were upkept.
d. The plan included 151 condos (including two buildings on existing front lawn) and 300 apartments (over the site of the existing parking garage).
e. The hotel will be redesigned but not demolished. The Marriott name is off the building for now.

16. Dog Park Update
a. The new Director for the Dog Park recently had a positive meeting laying out goals for the dog park. This includes changing the name of the park, and adding agility equipment, among other goals.
b. In conjunction with the Rosslyn BID, Santa visited the dog park a few weeks ago and was accompanied by local merchants.

17. Meeting Adjourned
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