Association Minutes for February 16, 2006
Draft Minutes of the North Rosslyn Civic Association (NRCA)
General Meeting of 2/16/06 - Wilson School Art Room, 7-8 PM
These minutes are arranged in a highlights fashion. First, breaking news. Second, organizational matters. And finally, organization plans.

Breaking News:
1. Central Place, a huge development planned for the area around the metro, will eliminate the three mini parks currently on Moore and replace them with one park where the Orleans House currently stands. In other words it is scheduled to remove the rocks and fountain "urban oasis" park just north of the McDonalds. None of us were pleased about this. There was a consensus that we should voice our disapproval to the county. In addition, we're going to miss the Orleans House. It's a landmark and it's one of the few reliable restaurant attractions in central Rosslyn.

2. The trailers at Wilson School are nearing the end of their useful life. That area used to be a park, widely used for pick up soccer. It's time for us to present to the County and to the School Board that we want our park back

3. 1101 Lee, the condo proposed just east of Lynn beside Key Bridge, is going to court. The County is resisting this ridiculous proposal (thank goodness).

4. As a result of NRCA citizen action over the last few years we have seen some progress including improvements to Rosslyn Highlands park, improved street-light maintenance, improvements at the Metro station, and improvements in the marking the crosswalk from Key to Wilson that runs beside the Atrium and Wilson School.

Organizational Matters
The meeting was announced through emails to our mailing list. Attendance was pretty good - 8 persons. Paul Derby announced that we had 16 dues paying members as of 2/15. Several others were received at the meeting or are expected shortly.

Bill Maron asked to step down from the presidency of NRCA. The Provisional Board is now:
Mark Antell - President
Paul Derby - Treasurer, webmaster
Ann Spiesman - At large
Bill Maron - At large
We will elect a five person board at our next general meeting (likely in April). Self nominations are welcome.

Over the next few months we should try to firm-up our relations with Rosslyn Renaissance, Rosslyn BID, Radnor - Ft. Myer Heights (South Rosslyn) Civic Association, etc.

Organization Plans - top matters of concern at this time to NRCA members are:
Development- Many concerns, many opportunities.
Playgrounds and other green spaces- Immediate emphasis on cleaning up and rehabilitating the playground on 19th street just North of the community gardens. Longer term emphasis on the Wilson School playground. Secretary's note: We should also look into the existing pedestrian right of way between Colonial Terrace and Key just south of Washington Vista.
On-Street Parking - The current program is not working very well. In some areas it seems to encourage cheating.

Mark Antell
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