General Meeting Minutes, Dec 20, 2016
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Meeting: NRCA

Date: December 20 2016, Waterview Lounge, 8 pm

Agenda Items:
1. Filling board vacancies.
- Postpone till next meeting. Several individuals stepped forward sharing their interest and willingness to serve on the NRCA board.
- Sylvia Kendra will post on the website a revised application form and procedures.
- Four vacancies will need to be filled in 2017 (Board seats # 1, 2, 4, 7). Board seats 3, 5 and 6 are currently held by Bill Maron, Atima Omara-Awala and Elena Chambers respectively till their appointed terms end.

2. Electing officers for 2017
- Sylvia Kendra will temporarily fulfill the role of President of the NRCA and will continue with the role of Treasurer.
- Officer roles will be determined during the first few meetings of 2017 and after all board members have been selected.
- Sylvia Kendra will develop an application form, and procedures for January board election process.

President: Second signature on NRCA bank Account, NRCA website mgmt., Facebook administration, planning board meetings.
Treasurer: Collect annual dues, report account status at meetings, and submit the tax post card to IRS each year.
Secretary: Record and post meeting minutes, finalizes agendas, provide communications on the website and Facebook site.
VP-1: Development: track development activities in the NRCA. Principle coordinator of NRCA volunteers that are appointed to various committees.
VP-2: Communications: Lead development of general meeting agendas (4 per year. They need to be interesting and informative to encourage attendance and support).
VP-3: Membership: Track current membership, develop and lead strategy for recruitment of new members.

3. Upcoming meeting dates / speakers
- Elena Chambers will find meeting location for January general meeting for 7 - 9 pm on either Jan 24, 25, 26 or 31 (Meridian is first choice, and Holiday Inn is second choice) we would host a happy hour from 6 - 7 pm in their bar. We need seating for 50 people and a presentation screen.
- Sylvia Kendra will develop agenda for January meeting.
- Board meeting will immediately follow the general meeting.
- Nicole Merlene will try to find two Gondola Project speakers pro/con for January meeting.

4. Current activities
- It was determined that one of the most important activities for the NRCA at this time will be focusing on membership drive and membership strategies. Sylvia Kendra revised the NRCA membership form and will post on the website. Nicole Merlene volunteered to develop a new logo for the NRCA.
Membership fees was revised to $10 for individuals and $20 per family.

- The Gondola Project has stirred a lot of conversation and there are many un-answered questions. Nicole Merlene spoke with BID members and provided preliminary information on how the Gondola Project started. It seems that Georgetown University wants to eliminate their Shuttle Service which currently covers only 25% of their expenses. The University is partnering with Marriott Hotel to fund the Gondola Project. Seven developers are in favor of the project and approximately 120 agencies will likely join the project. It was suggested that Georgetown University will partner with the Connector or Circulator to solve their shuttle issue. Nicole Merlene will try to find two Gondola Project speakers pro/con for January meeting.


5. Communication strategy. Current format or other website
The NRCA will continue with the current website and Facebook formats.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/north...lyncivicassociation/
NRCA website: http://community.northrosslyn.org/
NRCA at the Arlington County Civic Federation http://www.civfed.org/

6. Other foreseeable responsibilities, etc.
A stronger NRCA presence before the Arlington County
Promote Attendance to scheduled county meetings
- January 3rd Arlington County Meeting. https://content.govdelivery.co...ON/bulletins/17b1615

- Transform 66 Project

7. Recommendations on community needs
Rosslyn Plaza https://projects.arlingtonva.u...jects/rosslyn-plaza/
DDL – Dog Walk Location
Pedestrian Safety
Transportation issues

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm
Minutes Prepared by Elena Chambers

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