Minutes of Association Meeting of January 31, 2013
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January 31, 2013

The meeting was called to order by President Jennifer Zeien at 7:30 PM. Board members in attendance were Jennifer Zeien, Paul Derby, Mort Friedman, and Landis Jones.

A motion to approve the minutes of the September 20, 2012 General Meeting without change was made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

Paul Derby presented the Treasurer’s report. The NRCA has an email address list used to communicate with about 150 individuals, families, and organizations in North Rosslyn. Fewer than fifty paid dues during 2011. During the past calendar (fiscal) year, the Association’s expenses were almost identical to income, with a net $1.90 surplus. The financial statements have been posted on the NRCA website.

This being the first General Meeting of the calendar year, elections for the NRCA Board were held. Three seats – the seats occupied by Mr. Derby and Ms. Zeien, and one vacancy - were open. Mr. Derby and Ms. Zeien were re-elected to their positions on the Board. Katherine Elmore volunteered for the remaining position, and was elected to the Board unanimously.

Mr. Derby reported that Metro has dictated that WMATA’s Superintendent of Station Operations Paul Bumbry discontinue his monthly inspection reports and summaries of the status of maintenance punch list items at the Rosslyn and Arlington Cemetery stations. Furthermore, instead of informing Mr. Bumbry directly regarding maintenance issues and receiving direct feedback on their status, we will have submit tickets and join the queue.

Ms. Zeien and Landis Jones reported that Monday Properties will give a presentation to the NRCA General Meeting on March 21 regarding their plans for redeveloping the block containing the 1400 Key Boulevard/1401 Wilson Boulevard complex. They have not filed a site plan yet. They intend to build a residential tower on the site occupied by Gold’s Gym, and to preserve a skywalk, but access to the skywalk will be less convenient than it is now.

Discussion regarding the Monday redevelopment and the future skywalk led to a discussion regarding the proposal to remove the escalator that carries Metro riders (and others) from the Rosslyn Station mezzanine to the present Skywalk. The membership was encouraged to write to the County Board regarding the preservation of the escalator. The earlier suggestion that leaflets be handed out to escalator users met with support. Ms. Elmore will draft a flyer and send it to Ms. Zeien for review. Ms. Elmore and Sara Melendez volunteered to hand out flyers at the escalator. Roa Lynn suggested that residents write to Board member Libby Garvey expressing their concerns on this matter. Notwithstanding the outcome regarding the escalator, once the redevelopment of the aforementioned block commences, there will likely be no skywalk for four years, mandating an alternative plan for pedestrian passage across Fort Myer Drive.

Mr. Derby noted that the most recent local Monthly Crime Report from the ACPD has been posted on the NRCA website.

Ms. Zeien reported that the County’s consultants will be holding a series of town meetings to get community input regarding their initial visions for the Rosslyn Sector Plan Update. She encouraged NRCA members to attend one or more of the sessions when they are scheduled, to ensure that residents’ voices are heard in what has become an increasingly business and developer-dominated forum. She noted that one item in the draft Sector Plan Update is a streetcar line crossing Key Bridge. She also noted that the consultants envision linking a series of small pocket parks “like a string of pearls” to provide open space in the downtown area. On the subject of green space, Ms. Zeien expressed concern that there is a possibility that the Wilson School and Firehouse parcels would be consolidated for a redevelopment that would extend from the CVS pharmacy on Wilson Boulevard to the Queens Court Apartments on Quinn Street. There is no indication that, if this were to occur, the open ballfield area behind the Wilson School or the school itself would be retained as part of the redevelopment. Terri Prell pointed out that the Wilson School site cannot be redeveloped as a school consistent with ACPS guidelines.

Ms. Zeien reviewed some aspects of the Rosslyn Plaza development and its history for the attendees. Contention between the developers and County staff has brought the design process to a standstill.

The noise level at Turnberry Tower originating from the construction of 1812 Moore seems to have decreased, since the active construction area is higher, but it has not been clear to the residents whom they should talk to about the noise environment. The code enforcers are off duty during peak noise hours, and they are the only ones who can confirm that allowable noise levels are being exceeded. Carroll Colley pointed out that airplane noise has also decreased in the past few months, possibly because a new runway has opened.

Regarding the Shroud of Turnberry: The Turnberry Tower residents are generating a final punch list for the developers. NRCA encouraged them to include the construction of a permanent shroud on the list rather than eventually having to pay for it themselves.

Landis Jones reported that he had attended a meeting of the Urban Design Committee that was also attended by National Park Service representatives. Congressman Moran was also at the meeting and assured the NPS that they will get the funds needed for a boathouse on the Virginia side of the Potomac. Congressman Moran commented that any such boathouse would be located in Arlington, not Alexandria, which has a marina and other facilities on the water. Two locations in Arlington are being evaluated – Rosslyn and Gravelly Point near National Airport.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Morton H. Friedman, Secretary
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