September 23, 2020 Community Meeting Minutes
23 September 2020
Community Meeting Minutes
1. Approve Minutes from last meeting.
2. August 2020 Financial Statement
3. AMES Center – SPRC – Terri
a. The project is still 2 towers, 31 stories tall. There will be 740 apartments, some of which will initially be short-term rentals to generate revenue
b. Both walking bridges are coming down (over the course of 2 weekends), but there will not be a mid-block crossing yet
c. The main controversial change is there will be a bike lane on each side of the street on Nash St, leading to the removal of parking on one side of the street
d. Questions pertaining to loading docks have not been answer yet
e. There is discussion of a “floating bus stop” on Nash, but it is unclear what this means
f. The gas station will return in the new building, as will the church
g. The next step is the planning commission and then the Country Board. The goal is for demolition to begin September/October of 2021, and for the project to be completed in 2025
4. RCA Project Update – Terri & Tom
a. This project is just getting started. Previously there was a proposal for condominiums, but that was withdrawn and now the process is starting again.
b. There are renditions of what the building will look like, but it will be a long time until this occurs, as the SPRC has not begun yet and there are ongoing leases in the building
c. As of now, RCA will allow dogs
5. Holiday Inn Project Update – Tom
a. Original plan was piece-by-piece demolition of the building with minor use of explosives at the end. Now, Sunday December 13 it will be a one-day demolition
b. NRCA has concerns over demolition dust and debris as a result of the demolition
c. The board and meeting participants are unaware of similar demolitions that have occurred in the area
d. There is conversation with Dittmar about responsibility for cleaning windows and buildings following the demolition
e. Some households in nearby buildings have been asked to place motion sensors on their balconies to read vibrations and movement of the building during demolition. These requests were made during in-unit inspections. It would be good to also have an air quality monitor ongoing during the demolition
f. Very little has changed from the original plan for the building. There has been a small increase in apartments and decrease in hotel rooms. Both buildings will go up simultaneously, but the apartments will be completed first.
g. One participant recommended NRCA host a direct question and answer with the company responsible for the demolition so the community could voice concerns.
h. There has been a request by Susan Vincent regarding potential protective shields for nearby buildings. Susan will share other questions raised to Dittmar regarding the demolition. NRCA will send a similar letter, as will Turnberry.
i. The County has to approve this demolition. The County has not approved it yet, so it is worthwhile to approach the County Board with your concerns
6. Marriott Key Bridge Project Update - Tom
a. NRCA is unsure of what is happening at the moment. According to recent contact with Marriott, it seems to be closed indefinitely, but NRCA will continue looking for information
7. RCP + R Dogs – Mary Ann Elliott
a. Please see the slides in the link below for further details and updates on R Dogs and development of Gateway Park: https://drive.google.com/file/...-jV/view?usp=sharing
b. Please note that a Public Comment page on Gateway West has been posted. This is open for your feedback until October 8. Your feedback will have an impact on the County’s approval process. More information can be found here: https://www.r-dogs.net/county-public-forum
8. The next NRCA meeting will take place right before the Holiday Inn demolition in order to disseminate final information
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