April 28, 2021 Community Meeting Minutes
NRCA Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, 28 April 2021
Zoom, 7:30 pm
1. Welcome

2. Pedestrian Barrier in Clarendon
a. Beginning on May 10, a pedestrian barrier will be enacted on the west side of North Oak Street, at Clarendon Blvd and 17th Street (at Starbucks). This will allow individuals to walk across the road at this point. The Starbucks driveway will not be impacted.

3. New Restaurant in Turnberry Tower
a. The restaurant adjacent to Turnberry Towers has been sold and Yuraku, a Japanese restaurant, will be going into the space. It is anticipated that the restaurant will open in late summer or early fall.

4. Guest speaker: Hannah Dannenfelser, Interim Community Engagement Ambassador, Leadership Center for Excellence
a. Leadership Center for Excellence is a nonprofit organization formerly known as “Leadership Arlington.” It provides leadership development programs for established leaders, young professionals, and high school students. Hannah is an alumnus of the young professional program.
b. The Youth Summer Fellows Program helps high school students develop skills to serve and become civic leaders in Arlington. This year the focus of the program will be on racial justice. The Leadership Center for Excellence is especially interested in having a diverse class that represents the students of Arlington. The program is open to rising 9-12th graders and will take place during the week of July 19th. The program will consist of 3-hour virtual sessions. The application is due Friday, June 11th. Invitations will be extended to selected participants by June 14th. Approximately 30 students accepted into this program each year. Tuition is $250 and scholarships are available.
i. Info sessions for the Youth Summer Fellows program on May 4 and 13 at noon. The link to join can be found here: https://www.leadercenter.org/events/
c. The Leadership Center for Excellence has two other programs:
i. Leadership Arlington (runs September – May) is aimed at established leaders in Arlington (often senior leadership, CEOs, presidents) who are looking to be connected with a network of service-oriented leaders in Arlington. Tuition is $5,300. The application deadline is May 28, and approximately 30 applicants will be selected for the program.
ii. Ignite Young Professionals Program (runs October – May) is for emerging young professional leaders. The program teaches participants how to navigate Arlington in particular and make a pointed difference in the community. Tuition is $2,840. The application deadline is May 28, and approximately 30 applicants will be selected for the program.
d. Feel free to reach out to Hannah for further details. She can be contacted at hdannenfelser@leadercenter.org

5. Marriott Key Bridge Development Project
a. According to the County, the plans for this site are in limbo. The ultimate plan is to keep the hotel but reduce the number of hotel rooms and increase meeting space. The existing parking garage will become an apartment complex and there will be condo buildings going into the front parking lot on the site.
b. The Marriott is currently open for reservations. It has been since January 2.
c. Marriott no longer has a restaurant; it only has a Starbucks.

6. Hotel/Apartment Amendments for Local Site Plans
a. Site Plan # 1, AMES Center/Snell Properties has been approved. There will be short-term hotel rooms to start out.
b. Dittmar Plan Amendment: there will be fewer hotel rooms in exchange for more apartments.
c. Highlands Plan Amendment: there will be 800 apartments with the proposal to surrender some space for a short-term hotel.

7. RCA Development Project
a. The proposal is over the allowable height in the Rosslyn Sector Plan due to the two elevator shafts. This is currently being reviewed.
b. The building will be all-electric, outside of retail, which will have gas.
c. There will be 2% electric vehicle parking with capacity to increase this 15% if needed.
d. There will be a bike lane on 19th street, but it will not be a protected lane.
e. The building will ultimately have 23 stories and 423 apartments
f. Existing commercial leases are impacting the development timeline. As a result, no development will take place until 2023.
g. There will be no implosion, as the site is over a metro line.
h. It is expected this plan will be reviewed by the County Board this spring.

8. New Elementary School Naming
a. Key Elementary is a dual-language destination school that will be moving to a new location. The site will be renamed Innovation Elementary School. The new name has been approved by the school board.

9. Proposed New Logo for Arlington County
a. There are 5 proposed logos available for review and comment. These logos can be found below.
b. Votes can be cast at the following link until May 26: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/aclogo2

Source: https://www.arlnow.com/2021/04...-new-arlington-logo/

10. BID Annual Meeting: May 13 at 5:00pm
a. NRCA would like to encourage community members to register to join this meeting

11. Rosslyn Farmers Market Resuming
a. The farmers market will resume on Wednesday, May 5 from 3:00 – 7:00pm.
b. There will also be a flower show the Saturday before Mother’s Day. You must register to attend the flower show. The link to register can be found here: https://www.rosslynva.org/do/v...h-blue-ribbon-floral

12. Interim Dog Park
a. The dog park is open and being used. According to R-Dogs, there seems to be a positive community response to the park.
b. There may be a grand opening to come as COVID restrictions are adjusted by the county.
13. Continental Bar Outdoor Beer Garden
a. Continental Bar is seeking a 3-year extension of their outdoor beer garden. NRCA supported this proposal.

14. New Gold’s Gym
a. The new Gold’s Gym at the metro site will be opening in mid-April.

15. Next NRCA Meeting Proposal
a. Next meeting dates will be released as developments occur in the community. The next meeting will likely take place at the end of the summer.
b. The proposed meeting would be a walking tour of the central Rosslyn business district to be exposed to local restaurants and businesses.

16. Meeting adjourned
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