Community Meeting, October 19, 2017
NRCA President
OCTOBER 19, 2017
The regular Community meeting began at roughly 7:10 with the arrival of the guest speaker, County Board member John Vihstadt. NRCA Board members present at the meeting were Elena Chambers, John Hummel, Sylvia Kendra, and Terri Prell.
Board President Sylvia opened the meeting by introducing the County Board member, and then he addressed the audience. He covered a range of topics, and the audience had many questions. A few of the points follow:
• Nestle Corp. and Grocery Manufacturers’ Association will move to Rosslyn starting January 2018.
• The County Board approved home-stay Air B&B’s, but if you live in a Condo, its rules prevail.
• I – 66 tolls will begin in December. There is no answer as to where the slug lines will go when the Rosslyn Gateway construction begins. Those lines will be very important when tolls begin.
• Parks and green space are severely lacking in our service area. Noise from early morning trash and construction continues to frustrate residents.
• The proposed improvements to the Rosslyn Metro mall, which the speaker called a “façade-ectomy” and which the County Board rejected, may be changed and resubmitted by the owner until 12/31/17.
• The NRCA can always write a letter to the County Board addressing any of the matters discussed. The letter should be signed by the NRCA President and on NRCA letterhead. The speaker assured us that these letters are carefully considered.
Following this presentation, the meeting proceeded with a discussion point-by-point of the proposed By Law changes. The changes to the By Laws were approved by those present after amendment from the floor, and the revisions are considered final.
The Treasurer presented the September financial statement, noting that the NRCA bank balance has fallen below $1,000. He stated our Sponsorships should help us shore up our finances. He showed the documents which have been assembled to support community interest in the 2018 Sponsorships.
The meeting ended at roughly 9 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
John Hummel, Treasurer

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