NRCA General Meeting of 2/25/10
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February 25, 2010

The meeting was called to order by Heather Schaefer at 7:35 PM. After welcoming the audience, she noted the dates of the next general meetings and introduced Tim Wise, representing the Arlington County Taxpayers Association.

Tim presented an overview of the County’s budget process, including the determination of the advertised tax rate. He reviewed the County Manager’s budget, invited attendees to become involved in the process, and answered questions from the floor. He noted that the Civic Federation monitors the County process through its Revenues & Expenditures Committee.

Heather described the emergency preparedness course offered by the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and the activities of the Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment. CERT trains people in disaster/emergency preparedness, including triage, medical emergencies, fire, and crowd control. She demonstrated the emergency supplies we should all have for ourselves and our pets. The six-week course is free; in return, trainees are expected to be available if needed in an emergency. The course schedule is posted on the Arlington website.
Arlingtonians for a Green Environment is holding a Green Living Expo at the NRECA Building, 4301 Wilson Blvd. in Ballston, March 20, which will feature exhibits and information on green products and services for home and transportation. More information can be found at www.arlingtonenvironment.org .

Reports from members of the Board followed.
Jennifer Zeien reported on the Key Boulevard apartments and briefly on other development projects in the area. AHC has not provided any further details regarding the Key Boulevard construction. AHC plans to move density from a site on Glebe Road to the Key Boulevard Apartments site (density from the Key Boulevard site having been transferred to the Atrium site some years ago). Since Arlington County views Rosslyn as a “density magnet”, Jennifer would not expect the county to oppose such a transfer of density. AHC has suggested that the internal atrium in the current plan may be opened to Key Boulevard, but has offered no substantial changes. Concern was expressed regarding garage and truck traffic on 19th Street, and the loss of the pedestrian passage between Key and 19th, among others. Much discussion ensued regarding the timing of our response to these plans and the avenues we would use to do so. The importance of having a larger turnout when addressing this matter in public or with AHC was stressed [Jennifer has since organized a subgroup to formulate a plan to address this redevelopment; members are invited to contact Jennifer to join.].
Regarding other development in Rosslyn, Jennifer noted that there has been no further development of the Central Place or North Moore sites, pending the identification of a number of prospective tenants sufficient to obtain financing. Some interim improvement may be done at the site of the former Orleans House, so that that site will not be an eyesore while we await JBG’s commencement of construction on the office tower. WMATA is going forward with elevator construction for the Rosslyn metro.
Paul Mulligan reported that the Wilson School is currently occupied by Arlington Child Care; they are committed to stay though June 2010, and will likely remain thereafter. Two of the trailers behind the school have been removed.
Paul Derby reported on continuing efforts by NRCA to improve the maintenance of the Rosslyn Metro Station. The security system at this critical Metro interchange has been down for the past six months. The advocacy group Greater Greater Washington contacted NRCA for details on our “adoption” of Rosslyn and Arlington Cemetery Stations as a model for other civic associations.

Paul Derby reviewed the financial status of the Association. The Association has only 28 dues paying members though the area served houses over 2000 people. With this little income, NRCA has essentially no discretionary budget. Increased membership is essential for the Association to become a more active force in the community it is charged to represent. Current dues of $10/year would permit the Association to meet its obligations and expand ways of reaching residents if more of the potential members of the Association joined.
The current year membership dues income, balance sheet to date, and profit and loss statement for January-February 2010 were distributed to the attendees.

A quorum being present, elections were held for four of the five vacancies on the NRCA Board. Mark Antell, Mort Friedman, Paul Mulligan and Anne Spiesman were elected by acclamation.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

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