Draft Minutes of General Meeting of 11/14/2013
North Rosslyn Civic Association,
General Meeting of November 14, 2013 – Draft Minutes

Refreshments provided by Susan and Jeff Vincent - thanks.

1. The draft September general meeting minutes were approved without change.

2. Paul Derby, treasurer, reports that as of the November membership meeting date we have received $655 in income for the year (includes $500 in dues for around 85 residents and $155 in donations). Our expenses to date have been $401.85, including $50 for the Arlington Civic Federation, $343 in internet hosting fees and $8.85 in PayPal fees. Our balance as of November 14, 2013 is $1,077.32.

3. Community benefits for 1400 Key Blvd/ 1401 Wilson
Possible benefits were discussed and then raised in a multivote exercise. Results of that vote are available below the minutes.

4. Residents interested in “Adopting” Gateway Park identified themselves via a sign-up form. Mark Antell will propose a meeting date, probably at the park.

5. Rosslyn Sector Plan Update. Nothing immediate to report

6. WRAPS. Nothing immediate to report.

7. Wilson School. Mark Antell reports that at their November 11 meeting, the Arlington County Civic Federation reaffirmed its 2007 resolution supporting the Wilson site playfields and greenspace. Mike McMenamin (President ACCF) will present the resolution to the County Board. After the NRCA meeting Mark screened an updated and edited version of “Save Wilson School.”

8. Key Blvd Apts.
a) lots of doubt about the AHC plan. High cost in terms of neighborhood impact, project sustainability, facilities for families, versus small benefit in terms of the increased number of affordable units.
b) some tactical disagreement over our message. Should we call for information and communication hoping for change in the AHC proposal; or should we move to outright opposition?

9. Discussed next meeting, call for board candidates.

Adjourn at 9PM.

Mark Antell
Community Benefits Proposed by the North Rosslyn Civic Association - per general meeting of 11/14/2013

Based upon community feedback on the North Rosslyn Civic Association (NRCA) website and input at the November 14, 2013 NRCA member meeting, NRCA proposes the following community benefits for the 1401 Wilson Boulevard/1400 Key Blvd site redevelopment.

First priority benefits:
1 Upgrade Gateway Park.
2 Make pedestrian improvements to the crossing of Fort Myer Drive to the West Rosslyn Metro Station entrance to include a signalized mid-block crossing.
3 Make the 1401 plaza child and teen friendly (i.e. include a playground or tot lot).
4 Underground utilities of adjacent neighborhood: from 1601-1663 Colonial Terrace continuing to 1541 N 19th Street and the power “leg” from N 19th Street to Key Blvd through the community garden.
5 Maintain or improve the sky walk over Fort Myer Drive and N Nash Street, connecting NRCA residents with the Rosslyn Metro Station.
6 Add a small branch library at the site.

Second priority benefits:
1 Add an urgent care facility at the site.
2 Improve lighting on the western end of N 19th Street near the intersection of N 19th Street and Key Blvd and add camera surveillance.
3 Fund an ART bus route to circulate serving the Rosslyn Metro Station and the NRCA neighborhood.
4 Remove the Ft. Myer Drive tunnel.
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Hi, Mark,
Thanks for the draft minutes. Jeff and I did bring some refreshments, but others did, too. I would not want to take full credit!

Susan Vincent
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