Metro Inspection Report of June 22, 2010
Mr. Derby,

Both stations were inspected on June 22, 2010. All departments have been advised of the failures in their area.

Open Issues: Rosslyn:

Mezzanine Level:
LED Screen blank – Unresolved
Concrete under escalator #9 is cracked and falling - Unresolved
Video Display in kiosk inoperative – Unresolved (part on back order)
1 – Light out above artwork - Unresolved
1 – Ceiling light out in mezzanine area - Unresolved
New Issues:
Escalator # 3 – Walker
Escalator #10 – Out of service awaiting parts

Lower Level Platform:
New Issues:
1 – Ceiling light out (close to Escalator #6)
1 – Granite Edge light out

Upper Level Platform:
Escalator # 8 – Walker - Unresolved
1 – Ceiling light out (escalator #1) - Unresolved
1 – Wall panel light out (escalator # 1) - Unresolved
New Issues:
Escalator #7 – Out of service

Open Issues: Arlington Cemetery:
Escalator # 2 – Inoperable - COMPLETED
Escalator # 5 – walker - COMPLETED
Granite edge lights do not flash – Track 1 - Unresolved
Two globes missing – Unresolved; Equipment no longer available. New fixture needed.
PIDS Track 1- not working – Unresolved
Loose platform tiles noted - Unresolved
New Issues:
Escalator #7 – Walker


Paul Bumbry
Superintendent, Station Operations
WMATA – Rail Transportation


Subject: Re: Inspection Report
From: Paul Derby
Date: July 9, 2010 7:03:02 PM EDT
To: Paul Bumbry
Cc: Rita Davis, Charles Dziduch , Marjorie Strother , Donovan Gordon, Ross, Freddie Ross, Michael Taylor, Chris Zimmerman

Hello Paul,

Thanks for the periodic inspection update for June. These reports are important communications to our community and we appreciate receiving them. The North Rosslyn Civic Association hosted a Walking Town Hall meeting with the Arlington County Board. Four of the 5 board members attended as well as a large number of Arlington County senior staff. The Rosslyn Station was included in the walking meeting and we discussed the excellent communication we maintain between our community and Metro.

We hope the Metro departments view the "punch list" items that need fixing as challenges rather than failures! The community sure doesn't see Metro as having failures, but challenges to keep the system safe, efficient, functional and maintained.

Best regards,

Paul Derby
North Rosslyn Civic Association

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