Metro Inspection Report of Mar 4, 2010
Rosslyn and Arlington Cemetery stations were inspected on March 04, 2010 and all associated metro departments have been contacted. The good news is that metro repaired the non-operating security camera in the Rosslyn station after many months of not working.

Open Issues: Rosslyn:

Mezzanine Level:
3 – Security Camera’s inoperable – COMPLETED
1 – Bike to be tagged. - Unresolved
New Issues:
1 – Light out above artwork
2 – Ceiling lights out as you enter from Moore Street
LED Screen blank
1 – Wall light out (Escalator #4)

Lower Level Platform:
2 – Ceiling lights out (near escalator #6) - Unresolved
1 – Ceiling light out (near escalator #3) - Unresolved
New Issues:

Upper Level Platform:
9 – Track Bed lights out - Unresolved
New Issues:
Approximately 25 – Track bed lights out
1 – Light out above elevator
Elevator #1 – Intercom inoperable

Open Issues: Arlington Cemetery:
Pay telephone (7-9602) inoperable – COMPLETED
Passenger Emergency Reporting System (PERS) Track 1 platform inoperable - COMPLETED
Granite edge lights do not flash - Unresolved
Two globes missing – Unresolved; Equipment no longer available. New fixture needed.
PIDS Track 1- not working - Unresolved
New Issues:
Escalator #3 – Out of service
Loose platform tiles noted

Information in the report provided by:

Paul Bumbry
Superintendent, Station Operations (Act)
Office of Rail Transportation
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
4300 Garden City Drive
Hyattsville, MD 20785
Office: 202-962-6335
"Safety is our number one priority"
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