Information on Fire Safety
Rick Genest, Captain of the Rosslyn (Wilson) Fire Station came and spoke to us last night (8/12) about fire safety in our high density community. His critical messages are:

1. Make sure you have a functioning smoke detector in your home. This is such a life-saver that Arlington County will, for free, install a smoke detector with a 10 year battery at anyone's house or apartment simply for the asking.
Contact Captain Rick at 7032280110 (if no one answers leave a message for the Station Officer. They'll get back).
2. Agree on an exit plan. For those of us in highrises, know how to navigate from your unit to the stairwell by touch. On which side of the corridor is the stairwell? How many doorways do you pass before you come to the stairwell. Agree on where the family will meet when you get clear of the building.

3. Call 911 for emergencies. Know whether firealarms in your building are local only. Local alarms do not send any messages to the fire department! If you hear a local alarm, and you smell or see smoke, call the fire department. People have died in Arlington because neighbors didn't realize that they should call the fire department when a local alarm sounds. Use common sense .... but if in doubt, call 911. The fire department responds very very quickly when called.
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