Feb 6,2010 Snow Storm Recovery
Arlington County has issued a special edition of their newsletter "Arlington Insider" to deal with yesterday's storm. The county has asked that we pass some information on to the community. NRCA is only able to reach about 100 of North Rosslyn's residents via the NRCA Forum. So please pass this information along to any of your neighbors that might benefit from knowing how to stay connected to get current, factual information as we all dig out of this storm. Also, encourage your neighbors to send their email address to NRCA so we can reach them directly as part of being a community. board@northrosslyn.org

If you have access to an email mailing list for your homeowners association, please forward this information to your homeowners.

In today's Arlington County newsletter there is a list outlining "What you can do" regarding this storm with important links for current information. Also, if possible, please help shovel out pathways from the sidewalks to the street and crosswalk areas so people can start walking on the sidewalks rather than the roads. The crosswalks across Key Blvd particularly need shoveling since these provide the major walkways that tie much of the North Rosslyn residential areas to the commercial and metro parts of the community.

The message from Arlington County:

Hunker down. Stay off the roads and at home if at all possible.
Wear light-reflective clothing if you are walking.
If you must walk in the street, walk along the sides of the roads, not in the middle. Watch for emergency vehicles, snow plows.
Shovel your driveways, walkways, and the sidewalks in front of your property – make sure fire hydrants are cleared of snow.
If you have a downed tree blocking a road or on a power line, call 703-228-2222.
Remember plows need a roadway clearance of 15 feet and will not go down a street where they cannot safely pass.
Stay connected and informed on snow-related information and updates on closings and cancellations:
Visit the County website
Become a Facebook fan
Follow the County on Twitter
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