Restoring Power for those without July 5, 2012. 6 PM
Here's the latest I've heard from Dominion. The tree area has been repaired but we don't have power yet.  Here's why...  Back in 2003 when we had the last big outage a tree fell across Colonial Terrace and took down the pole at the corner of Ode and Colonial Terrace.  When the pole toppled the pole bottom punched a hole in the water main. So we lost phones, cable, electricity and water for 4 or 5 days.

To get Highgate going sooner the underground power feed cable that formed a power loop was disconnected and power for Highgate was restored. When the repairs on our side of the street were completed the power was restored from the other side of the loop.  The disconnected loop cable was not reconnected.

Dominion is checking to see if the underground cable will still work. Cables oxidize when not powered up.  If the cable works we might have power soon.  If it fails they will wait until 2 am to power down much of Rosslyn then connect and power back up.  Hopefully that will work.

That's what I've been told coupled with the history of 8 years ago,

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The underground distribution cable that runs under Ode St from Highgate toward the west worked, so power was restored to the residences west of Ode and north of Key Blvd last night around 8 pm by several crews from Virginia Dominion and their subcontracted assistance from Pike Electric.
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