1401 Wilson at Transportation Commission TOMORROW
NRCA First Vice-President
As announced at the May NRCA general meeting, Monday properties will present the 1401 Wilson/1400 Key site plan to the Transportation Commission tomorrow, May 29. If you wish to comment on the location of the grocery store garage entrance or have any other comments related to transportation, this is the opportunity. The commission will be asked to give a "yea" or "nah" on whether they support the project.

The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. in the County Board Room at 2100 Clarendon.

View the transportation commission meeting agenda.

View the Site Plan Review website for meeting summaries, submissions, and presentations by Monday Properties.
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Originally posted by Rita Hummel:
Transportation Issues w/ SP#429 Identified by Staff that will probably be addressed at tonight's Transportation Commission meeting:

• Absence of continuation of 18th Street North through site
The applicant has proposed a 40 foot wide plaza (the “Upper Garden”) at the western edge of the site, across from the intersection of North Oak Street and 18th Street North. The plaza area would be delineated by outdoor seating on the south side, as well as planting and hardscapes on the north side. Approximately 120 feet east of the Oak Street curb, the plaza would transition into a staircase, descending approximately 30 feet down to Nash Street. The plaza would narrow to a staircase of approximately 32 feet in width, accommodating two intermediate landings. Immediately adjacent to the top landing of the staircase would be staired seating area approximately 27 feet wide. As the staircase descends through the next two landings, the adjacent strip would be replaced with plantings.

• Requested Zoning Ordinance modifications for office and residential parking ratios
- Residential parking ratio (Zoning Ordinance Section 7.15.5.B.1(a)) o One space per unit required; one space per 0.85 units proposed

- Office parking ratio (Zoning Ordinance Section 7.15.5.B.4) o One space per 1,000 sf permitted; one space per 1,188 sf proposed

- Office compact parking ratio (Zoning Ordinance Section 14.3.3.G) o Maximum 15% permitted; 20.6% proposed

- Garage aisle width (Zoning Ordinance Section 14.3.3.C) o Minimum 23 feet required; minimum 17 feet proposed

- Managed parking spaces (Zoning Ordinance Section 14.3.3.C) o Parking spaces within the travel aisle proposed

• Location and convenience of bicycle facilities
The applicant proposes to provide storage for 235 bicycles (110 for office employees and visitors, 100 for residents and their visitors, and 25 for retail visitors and employees). These spaces will be provided on the first parking level, meeting the County’s standard for providing bicycle parking within site plan projects.

• Provision and completion of on-road bicycle lanes on adjacent streets
No improved bike access to Mt Vernon Trail
No improved bike access to Curtis Trail

• Sidewalk width on Wilson Boulevard
The R-B Standards call for a Type A sidewalk section (16.67-foot sidewalk width, with a 5-foot wide tree pit, leaving 11.67 feet clear) along Wilson Boulevard, and a Type B sidewalk section (13-foot sidewalk with a 5-foot wide planting strip, leaving 8 feet of clear sidewalk) along North Oak Street, Key Boulevard, and North Nash Street.

• Access to retail garage from Key Boulevard
No garage location details are given in the SP

• Location of crosswalks
The applicant proposes removing one crosswalk, at the intersection of Key Boulevard and North Nash Street; the crosswalk is located near to the proposed garage entry for the grocery store. A new crosswalk is proposed to be located at the intersection of North Oak Street and Key Boulevard, approximately 145 feet to the west of the existing crosswalk.
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This coming Mon @ 7:00pm, the Planning Commission (PC) will discuss all of the issues listed on the Staff Report including the Transportation Commission’s (TC) proposed solutions from last night’s meeting. The PC will review, elaborate, discuss solutions with the developer and staff, then ultimately make their recommendations to the County Board for this site plan including its rezoning requests, GLUP amendments, and other changes. The County Board will finish the site plan review with a vote at their Sat, Jun 14th meeting at 8:30am. Both planning meetings will be held in the Arlington County Boardroom #307.

The Transportation Commission (TC) thoroughly addressed each "Transportation Issue" listed on the Site Plan Review Committee's (SPRC) Staff Report. Check my 5/29 post on NRCA forum http://community.northrosslyn.org for the full list of issues. I copied them from the online Staff Report that the Transportation Committee used at last night’s meeting. I will only report on the Key Blvd traffic congestion and safety issues at the parking garage entrance/egress on 1400 Key Blvd. Both the County and the developer know there are major problems with this section of the plan. The TC gave several suggestions to the developer to investigate and with instruction for them to find the best possible solution.

The TC asked the staff and developer to:
1. Reevaluate retail garage entrance/egress 18 months after occupancy. If there is a problem then Transportation Staff should try the "right turn in and right turn out" approach. This method would not allow left turns to enter or exit the garage.
2. Perhaps replace the proposed parallel parking spaces in front of the grocery store entrance along the Eastbound lane of Key Boulevard, to a right turn lane into the grocery store parking garage
3. Reevaluate the N. bound bike lane that is currently proposed to cross over the parking garage ramp between traffic coming from three direction along with backup's from cars entering and exiting the garage not to mention the pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk navigating to and from the front entrance of the grocery store to get to the elevator and/or the Oak Street public area.

I am very pleased with the CPHD's process and progress with site plan #429. And, I appreciate Monday Properties vigilance and willingness to work out issues with their neighbors - not to mention that they're giving us an area with a first class grocery store, retail, and a beautiful place to recreate!

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Hi Rita,

Actually, that wasn't the impression I had from the meeting. The TC's only change to the proposed plan was that Monday would be required to provide continuous pedestrian access along Wilson and Nash during construction. This requirement was NOT made for Key or Oak Streets. The TC approved the plan to send it to the Planning Commission this coming Monday evening, 6/2.

The items you listed were requested by the neighbors who spoke, and were referenced as options if the survey 18 months after occupancy shows that the site has significant problems. They were not requests or requirements from the TC at this time.

I'm still concerned that the grocery store entry on Key Blvd. will end up creating traffic problems like the Whole Foods in Clarendon.
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There is going to be a new grocery store in Rosslyn? When? Which one? I'll be so sad to have a choice other than Safeway. Kidding aside, I would be grateful for anyone who knows more details to share them.
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I have heard it will be Harris Teeter, which is Kroger Stores, who recently bought Harris Teeter. Kroger is one of the biggest chains in the USA; never a presence in DC, and personally I do not care for.
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Laura, I talked with the staff for SP#429 and I made the edit in my original post to reflect the "18 mo's after occupancy". Thank you. However, he said #2 and #3 are spot on. I can promise you this; affected residents will be contacting them way before that 18 mo's is up if it proves to be a significant problem...
James, Well, yes - a real grocery store! Go to this link for the Arlington County website or type arlingtonva.us into your browser if this link doesn't work: http://projects.arlingtonva.us...ts/1401-wilson-blvd/
You'll find links to the latest staff report and the developers slides for the last meeting. Enjoy and get excited!!!
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Thx for that. I have heard it will be Harris Teeter because the space is too small for Wholefoods, which is what so many of us want. But I was in Manhattan recently and I saw at least two Wholefoods stores that seemed even smaller than the proposed space yet still ample. The problem with Harris Teeter is that it's as expensive as Wholefoods without offering anything organic!
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