Summary of Latest Skyline Meeting
The LRPC meeting on Roslyn Building Height and Taper occurred September 22. Materials related to the latest work of staff are posted on the county's web site at http://www.arlingtonva.us/depa...g/docs/file78228.pdf . Of particular relevance to our community is the following language from page 6 of the report:

"Area D. Transition to adjacent lower density neighborhoods. Transitions up in height from
lower‐density neighborhoods should be established on the edges of the Rosslyn Coordinated Redevelopment District adjacent to lower density neighborhoods. Transitions at compatible heights extend the effect of the smaller scale development, and provide for additional sunlight and air by adding additional spacing between tall towers and adjacent buildings outside of the RCRD of lesser height. Transitions may be established as follows:

 A taper up in height from the neighborhood may be established through multiple buildings of increasing height, multiple towers of increasing height on a single building,
or step downs on a single buildings with the lowest step closest to the neighborhood.

 Buildings or building towers closest to adjacent lower density neighborhoods should have a maximum height compatible with the adjacent lower density development.

 Placement and orientation of building towers should be optimized to create spaces and voids for views into Rosslyn from adjacent neighborhoods."

The areas of the central business district where this transition would be applied are shown in the materials on the county web site and include (1) the parcel where the Holiday Inn is located, (2) the parcel on Key Boulevard where the Skywalk to Metro crosses its roof and (3) the parcels along Wilson Blvd running behind the Atrium.

The tapering language may not be as effective as the community would hope, since the tapering will be to the maximum height in the community area allowable through site plan rather than the height allowable in a by-right development or based on structures now on theose low-rise properties.

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