County update on vector and rodent control
From: "Billy Robbins"
Date: Wed Jan 8, 2003 11:41:57 AM US/Eastern
Subject: Information

Mr. Derby:
Reference the Vector and Rodent Control Office.

A new Technician (Mr. Tauseef Mohammed Ahmad, ph 703-228-7990 and cell ph 703-927- 4151) has been assigned to zip code 22209, your area.

In the past 2 or 3 weeks, Mr. Ahmad has received two (2) rat complaints from residents in the 1500 block of Colonial Terrace.

I guess our efforts to eliminate the rats from the 19th street area have cause the rats (I'm guessing) to re-locate into the 1500 block of Col. Terr. (?); or maybe the rats were already in the 1500 block and no one notified us(?).

We would like to schedule a "Rat Awareness" presentation to your civic association members when you conduct your next meeting.

I don't know if the 19th street area is included in your civic association, and if it is, I hardly doubt that a significant number would attend your civic association meeting, since most residents in that area are renters(?).

We can also meet with your civic association officers, committee whips (etc.) just about anytime to discuss rat issues.

Does your civic association use a Certified Pest control company to bait your civic association area?

Home owners are allowed to bait their own properrty.

Many other jurirsdiction (and some civic associations in Arlington County) have joined together, created committees to walk around -- and from plain view ? from the public sidewalk/street -- look at -- inspect the civic association area ? then notify and speak to civic association residents and or owners who have un-maintained.property ? and offer and lend assistance to residents who may be elderly, impaired, or new and unfamiliar to the culture/environment (etc) that we live in ? and unaware of the services that Arlington County can provide to assist them.

Some civic association's have bought rat poison and bait boxes from companies (shipped over-night if needed) and baited their civic association's. This method will significantly reduce the amount of resources when comparing it with the cost of each individual resident/property owner hiring a pest control company to do the same task.

It's also more effective when the entire area baits at the same time--instead of a house here and there baits at different times.

The sources/harborages that caused the rats to infest an area must be recognized and eliminated.

By using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control the rat populations is our goal.

IPM starts with inspection ? which includes, identifying the sources; the type of pests; the extent and location of the infestation; the harborage areas; sanitation deficiencies; determine conditions conductive to infestations; the damage to the structure or commodities; and items or factors which would impact the development of a pest management program.

IPM also means using other methods of eliminating rats instead of applying rodenticides--e.g., snap traps; cages; glue boards, -- and
concentrating on sanitation and frequently--moniotring/inspection your property

This below web site will provide a lot of information about rats and where to obtain rat poision/traps/glue boards etc.


You can also utilize the yellow pages in the phone book for pest control compaines--or visit a hardware store to obtain rat bait for NORWAY rats.

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