Penzance project severely impacts neighbors
I recently attended a County Board meeting.

I watched a group of Atrium residents speak about their experience with construction on the Penzance site just south and east of them. Over a dozen speakers petitioned, complained, begged and even wept about construction dust and noise that they now face for long hours every day.

An early speaker pointed out that the first duty of County Government is to protect the health and safety of residents. On this construction project she questioned whether government is living up to that duty. The video is available on the County website. The Atrium resident testimony starts at 2:51 tape time, 6:52 PM clock time. The Atrium resident testimony runs about a half hour.

It is posted at:


I recommend watching the video, if only as a cautionary tale.

Mark Antell

PS. The hearing concerned a Penzance petition to expand allowed hours of work. The County Board did not grant that request; but they didn’t do anything to reduce the current heavy burden on many North Rosslyn residents.
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