Security Fencing and steps
We have been in touch with the project executive at Turnberry Tower to expedite the removal of the security fencing from the public right of way (sidewalks) surrounding Turnberry Tower. The fencing may be partially moved back as early as today, August 6, to allow partial access to the sidewalk on Nash if the sub-contractor labor is available to do the move. Turnberry has committed to move the fencing completely from the public right of way by Monday, August 10. This is when they will have their security systems and staff fully in place.

The steps between Nash and Colonial Terrace are being inspected for early surface coating wear, lighting, and rust on the stanchions supporting the hand rails. Turnberry have recently repaired one of the light fixtures that was improperly installed. Based on today's inspection, further work may be performed to remove rust on the stanchions and apply a rust proofing coating and apply a better surface coating since the original surface coating is beginning to deteriorate.

First closings for delivery of units take place soon. We will have new neighbors later this month!
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