Turnberry Tower construction update
Mark Babbitt, construction manager of Turnberry Tower, provided this update to the community regarding their project:

As of 12/14/07 Turnberry Tower has completed the 6 levels of underground parking and is presently constructing the lobby level of the building. We have also completed approximately 90% of the offsite work to relocate the remaining electric lines along Key blvd and Nash Street underground.

Over the next few weeks we will be finishing the lobby level and moving into construction of the actual tower. At that time we will have one construction crew building the tower at the rate of one floor per week and one construction crew working on the landscape walls and site features.

Once the tower hits the 14th floor we will start to erect the glass curtain wall on the exterior of the building and start finishing work within the building.

As we move into spring we will start the offsite renovation of Nash Street and the required streetscape on Nash and Rt29 along the Holiday Inn property.

Mark Babbitt P.E.
Construction Manager
Turn berry Tower Arlington
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Dear All,
In about 10 weeks (the 10th floor) we can all gather on Colonial Terrace at sunrise and celebrate the LAST SUNRISE THAT WE WILL EVER SEE from the south side of the terrace. After that the eastern sky will disappear forever with a 300 foot high "wall" built some 300 feet east of Colonial Terrace.

How sad for the people and the trees and flowers - a loss of some 6 hours of sunlight every day. Our county planners approved our residential area and have now built a 240 foot wall on the south side and now a 300 foot wall to the east.

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