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Nov 6 (Tuesday) Elections and Wilson School

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November 02, 2007, 03:29 AM
Mark Antell
Nov 6 (Tuesday) Elections and Wilson School
Elections & Wilson School

Vote this Tuesday Nov 6! Whoever wins office, our elected officials will listen better to our community if we turn out. Here are my personal recommendations for County Board. Remember, two positions will be filled.

There is one incumbent in the race, Walt Tejada. Walt has been supportive of our community on Wilson School for years. We should reward incumbents who have helped out; so I strongly endorse Walt Tejada for another four year terms.

As to the remaining position, both Josh Ruebner (Green Party) and Mike McMenamin (Republican) have publicly announced very strong support for Saving Wilson School and removing the trailers now. I can't recommend one over the other. If you're motivated more strongly by environmental and social equality perspectives, go with Josh. If you're mostly oriented to fiscal responsibility, go with Mike. Both of these candidates are sincere in their desire to improve our locale. You won't go wrong in either case.

A word about the remaining candidates for County Board. Joe Warren (Republican) has indicated an orientation toward Saving Wilson School. Joe is a decent guy, but is not very familiar with issues outside his financial and transportation experience. Mary Hynes (Democrat) has the worst position of all the candidates on Wilson School. She still hasn't decided what ought to be done. That's not acceptable.

Oh, Paul Ferguson is leaving the County Board, but is running for Clerk of the Circuit Court. Paul has been a reliable friend of neighborhoods. Last year Paul, as Chair of the County Board, told the School Board to stop planning new buildings which had no chance of funding anytime soon. I'd strongly recommend voting for Paul Ferguson for Clerk of the Court.
November 02, 2007, 12:32 PM
Joe Famme
Elections, Wilson School and Responsive Government

Vote this Tuesday 6 Nov! We have not had, but need, RESPONSIVE Government. Our County Board routinely overrides our needs such as the Wilson School where they want to sell the property (via the School Board) to developers to raise money for their projects like the Columbia Pike trolley folly, or the swim complex near I-395 that they cancelled after spending buckets of money. They continue to bury us NRCA citizens with surrounding high-rise buildings. Mark Antell has discussed the candidates in his posted note, so I will add information to his post with an additional layer of information. Therefore my picks for this election are:

Mike McMenamin for Board. Mike is a proven civic leader (President Maywood Community Assoc.) and is by far the best informed of the issues as attested to by his Endorsement by The Washington Post (10-27-07) and the SUN GAZETTE. (10-30-07). Mike has fully analyzed the County budget as a member of the Arlington Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee and is strong supporter of keeping the Wilson School building for our use and keeping the adjoining grounds for our recreation picnics to soccer. []

Mark Kelly for Clerk. Mark has proven experience with ten years including six years as Chief of Staff experience running a large Capitol Hill office where he returned 10% annually to the reduce the national debt. [] Our county budget continues to increase, bonded items are frequently not built as the money is used elsewhere and taxes are increased every year. The current Board member who is running for this office would bring his proven experience of over-spending even as Chairman of the Board. How refreshing it would be to have an administrator that has a proven record of reducing costs.

Joe Warren for County Board. Joe is a transportation expert having spent his career to date with the Government Accounting Office (GAO) Transportation Division where became an expert in decoding traffic issues – issues that are high on our list. Over the past 15 years our streets have narrowed to handle less traffic, bump outs have added to eat transmissions, and parking space has disappeared as new building have often required less than one parking space per living unit (such as Gallery Place which was 0.8 spaces per unit until NRCA caught them and got it raised to at least 1.1. The current traffic challenge is the proposal of the Board to put a trolley down Columbia Pike that will slow traffic, reduce parking, hamper business and the Board has already decided to increase taxes on the local businesses about 25% to pay for their reduced business. The Columbia Pike trolley project will cost well over $100M before it is over. Joe Warren served on the County Traffic Advisory Committed that voted 8 to 0 to NOT do the Columbia Pike trolley, but our Board, with a vote of the people has decided to go ahead anyway. WE NEED RESPONSIVE GOVERNMENT and we are not getting it from the current Board. We get a high bond rating only because the County has shown that they are willing to raise our taxes every year. Have you ever paid lower taxes in a subsequent year? Ask any of the current Board members where they stand.

Another layer of information for all

Joe Famme
November 02, 2007, 12:35 PM
Joe Famme
To correct my post:

Joe Warren served on the County Traffic Advisory Committed that voted 8 to 0 to NOT do the Columbia Pike trolley, but our Board, WITHOUT a vote of the people has decided to go ahead anyway.

Joe Famme