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WRAPS Public Workshop Next Saturday, 10/8

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October 31, 2014, 09:43 AM
Katie Elmore
WRAPS Public Workshop Next Saturday, 10/8
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WRAPS Public Workshop

Saturday, November 8
8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Key Elementary School
2300 Key Boulevard

This inclusive and hands-on public workshop will collect community feedback about how a series of preliminary Concept Plan Alternatives, that have been developed by staff, respond to the County Board Charge and the Working Group’s Guiding Principles. A number of approaches to balancing County site goals and the expectations of the community will be examined. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss the alternatives in detail, highlight likes and dislikes and propose alternative ideas for future review and analysis.
November 05, 2014, 05:38 PM
Katie Elmore
I know some folks have expressed concern about the duration of this Saturday's WRAPS public workshop. I wrote to County staff regarding the schedule and got this reply:


"The workshop will be from 8:30 – 1pm, with the 1st half hour for sign-in and refreshments.

In planning a workshop typically, and in this case specifically, we allocate time for an opening presentation to orient the participants, time for table discussion and time for report out & wrap up. And it is really important to provide the time for attendees to talk and share ideas."

If you want to attend the workshop and are pressed for time - I suggest you arrive close to 9:00 a.m. and plan to stay until 11:00 a.m.

November 08, 2014, 10:15 PM
Joe Famme
I attended 10 - 12 AM, amazing waste of money, down your throat arrogance, want 18th street alley with no traffic today to become a major 4 lane highway to nowhere Its extension either east or west is impossible without digging up Rosslyn Metro Station. 175 foot minimum bldg heights every where, fire station at Key Blvd and Quinn, you have to be kidding ... no room on that space and street grades / slopes are crazy.

Meglamainiacs every where we look - hundreds of consultants and 'experts' sucking on the milk cow of city planning. I think I was the only person in the room that actually lived in the neighborhood. Who else was there? we moved here 1992, Every street was 4 lanes plus sidewalk with trees. They narrowed every street to 2 lanes, added bike lanes, made sidewalks 20 feet wide, crosswalks of brick that the first snow plow destroyed: who elects leaders like this? Now they want 18th Alley expanded to 4 lanes!!! Anyone in Atrium Know about the freeway they want behind your house or the 17 story sun shade building they want build south of Atrium? How about a recall election?? Joe Famme 703-608-3100 Highgate VP
November 08, 2014, 10:32 PM
Terri Prell
I along with several other Rosslyn residents were at the WRAPS meeting today, if you had been able to stay later you would have heard the responses of the participants. All the "tables " reported out. Each said more green space, less building, move the street to the east end (the commercial) end of the space,& a smaller school. Most said county should bond to build a firehouse and not jump hoops on this small space to get the developer to build & pay for it.
November 09, 2014, 05:23 PM
Mark Antell
Hooray Joe Famme,

I also attended the WRAPS meeting on Saturday and I join you in distaste and dismay.

I did ask during the absurdly long meeting, 'how is it possible that leadership of our county could come up with various plans for the Wilson site -- all of which assume intense development. Is it not obvious that this community is terribly deficient in recreation and green space?'

Green space, community space, recreation space, those are the only appropriate uses of the Wilson site!

Alas we have no recall mechanism in VA ... but an election for two County Board seats is coming next November.

Mark Antell
November 10, 2014, 08:43 PM
Katie Elmore
Hi Joe et al.,

Thank you for attending Saturday's workshop. I counted at least 8 or ten of us there (that I know by name) who are members of NRCA. I realize it was a frustrating day, and a frustrating process so far. As Terri noted, I think there was good momentum at the workshop regarding the intense dissatisfaction with the County Board charge for this study area. I will continue to advocate for the points you made at our regular WRAPS working group meetings. If there are other particular issues you want to be heard, please write to Jay Fisette or let me know and I will discuss them.

November 11, 2014, 09:25 AM
Joe Famme
Dear Katie, Thank you for your feedback. I think it is time for the County to take a deep breath and think about what is really important: The quality of life of the citizens. Quality of life for the citizens is rewarding work AND an quality environment to raise families and meet / 'play' with neighbors. GREAT CITIES like New York are known world wide for their parks: NYC for its Central Park. How much better would it be if the Arlington County took a breath of the little clear air left and opted for a Rosslyn Central Park. The anchor is The Historic Wilson School multi-fuction building with small but practical indoor gym, surrounded by winding walks and a first class plying field for kids of all ages for soccer, or just sending your son or daughter out for a long pass. Maybe a Bandstand for summer concerts. THIS would REALLY PUT ROSSLYN AND ARLINGTON ON THE MAP AS A PLACE THAT PUTS ITS CITIZENS FIRST. Corporate big wigs are build thousands of additional office spaces near and above the Metro Station. The current vacancy rates are some 30% before the new excess space comes on line. Work patterns are changing, more people work on the go or from home. THE ONE THING WE CAN NEVER RECOVER IS OPEN SPACE. Arlington does not need the TAX Revenue from the 175' buildings / shadow making buildings proposed not matter which option is selected. all options put the new very small open field in between 150' to 175' towers, with the field on the Wilson Street side or the 18th St side. How absolutely gloomy gloomy to to send your child for the long pass when there is not a glimmer of sky, or sun, or clouds except straight up!!! Good Grief. Rosslyn is not hurting for tax revenue. Rosslyn citizens have no open space large enough for a long pass other than the current Wilson site, NOW or EVER.
Next to the School Board building the County used imagination and built parking and basketball courts OVER I-66. There is a lot of I-66 that can built over. BUT THE ABSOLUTE SHAME IS LOSING FOREVER THE ONE THING THAT CAN NEVER BE REPLACED: OPEN SPACE. BRING THE WHOLE BOARD HERE TO MEET WITH THOSE WHO LIVE HERE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. LET'S TAKE A DEEEEEP BREATH, TAKE A TIME OUT LIKE THEY DO IN SCHOOL, AND DECIDE WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Our population of children is EXPLODING here a Highgate where I am Board VP. The nearest long ball field is Dawson Rec Center and field a mile a way across North of I-66. Families / Children should be the number 1 priority.
Thank you, Joe 703-608-3100
November 11, 2014, 10:22 AM
Kristin Westbrook
Joe, your image of "a Bandstand for summer concerts" reminded me that so many of Rosslyn's visitors are coming with their families to visit Arlington Cemetery, to pay respects to their fallen warfighters. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could honor them with a place to visit with other families, watch their children play, and listen to a concert or choral group?
Would that be such a long pass?
November 11, 2014, 12:03 PM
Joe Famme
Dear Katie,
It should be a short pass over center ... Those of us who live here see the thousands of our fellow American visitors that annually stay in our local hotels. Yes, a bandstand and a play field in Rosslyn Central Park would put Arlington on the people friendly map. The Ft Meyer Army band would be available to support all of our open air holidays. It would be the social center of Rosslyn that does not now exist except the small, no ball play, sloped, Gateway Park over I-66 that has HIGH SPEED TRAFFIC on 3 of the 4 sides. Rosslyn / Wilson / Central Park would be more worthy, more central to citizens both North and South, East and West the Wilson School. It is where Precincts 10 and 19 have voted for the 22 years I have lived in the neighborhood. The Memorial Grounds nearby restrict ball play for obvious reasons ... so thank you for your supporting ideas as look across the street this AM at two mothers with 4 children playing in there drive way.
Joe 703-608-3100