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Long Range Planning Committee Meeting on Colony House Special GLUP Study

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July 14, 2011, 01:15 PM
Jennifer Zeien
Long Range Planning Committee Meeting on Colony House Special GLUP Study
Staff will be initiating the Colony House Special General Land Use Plan Study at the July 28th Long Range Planning Committee meeting from 7-8 pm. A General Land Use Plan (GLUP) amendment request has been submitted to change the portion of the block bounded by Lee Highway to the north and North Quinn Street to the east and reaching halfway across the block west towards North Scott Street and partway across the block south towards the adjacent residential buildings from “Low-Medium” Residential (16-36 units/acre) to “Low” Office-Apartment-Hotel (up to 1.5 FAR office; up to 72 units/acre residential; up to 110 units/acre hotel). The proposed GLUP amendment is in conjunction with a rezoning request from “C-2” (Service Commercial - Community Business Districts) to “C-O-1.5” (Commercial Office Building, Hotel and Apartment Districts), consistent with the requested GLUP designation.

This site falls within the boundaries of the Rosslyn Transit Station Area Plan Addendum (1992), which calls for this site to remain “residential.” Consistent with the “Policy for Consideration of General Land Use Plan Amendments Unanticipated by Previous Planning Efforts” adopted by the County Board in 2008, a community review process is needed in those instances where a requested land use change is inconsistent with the recommendations of the relevant adopted plan.

The objective of this study is to analyze the site in the context of the surrounding area and obtain feedback from LRPC on the appropriateness of the requested change. With this input, staff will develop a recommendation to the County Board regarding this GLUP amendment request and what GLUP category or categories may be appropriate for this site.

As part of the refinements to the Special GLUP Study processes, certain community representatives are invited to "sit at the table" and participate fully in the LRPC discussions. The chair of this item has requested that a representative from the Colonial Village Civic Association, the North Rosslyn Civic Association and Rosslyn Renaissance be invited to participate fully in the discussions. Please let me know if you will be sending a representative to the process and the name and contact information of that representative. Thank you. - Margaret Rhodes


July 28, 2011

2100 Clarendon Blvd
Room 311 (3rd Floor)

7:00 – 9:30 PM

(Metro accessible; public parking available in the County garage after 5:00 PM)


Colony House Special General Land Use Plan Study
Five-Year Review of Arlington County’s Comprehensive Plan

The LRPC is a committee of the Planning Commission. The meetings are generally discussions between the Commissioners and County staff. Representatives of other commissions, task forces, community groups, and developers may be invited to participate at the discretion of the Chair. The public is invited to attend and observe the meetings.

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